Why Purchase Refurbished Appliances?

Today, people all over the world are discovering the value of becoming a wise purchaser. Purchasing new appliances can be a costly venture to say the least. Many analysts agree cost is the top reason to buy refurbished appliances, but there are environmental and economic implications at play as well. With the average price of a new refrigerator being $800, and the average refurbished refrigerator only $400, there are about 400 reasons to consider purchasing a refurbished appliance!

• Cost: The average price of a new refrigerator is about $800.00 while our average used refrigerator is roughly half that price. 

• Value: When purchasing a refurbished appliance you tend to get more features for your money. Also, many refurbished items have been inspected and repaired and they are generally in comparable form as the brand new items.

• Awareness: Many Americans don’t hesitate to purchase used cars – why hesitate when it comes to appliances? Help us spread the word about the benefits of used appliances!

• Environment: Because of their size, large appliances take up valuable space in America's landfills. Refurbished appliances are used in homes therefore reducing the strain on landfills.

• Jobs & the Economy: While many appliances sold in the US are assembled elsewhere, refurbished appliances are serviced and sold locally creating jobs and injecting capital in local markets.